Expecting your first child? Got a wedding anniversary coming up? Fuck all that noise, because I’ve got some far more important milestones to announce. This little chunk of internet you’re wrapping your filthy peepers around? Why this would be the shoddy blog’s


Put your pants back on and don’t pop the champagne just yet, as there is one more announcement to make. As of the 3rd of this month of March, the shoddy blog has been online for


Yowzer. Ten fucking years? Why am I still writing this stuff? Why are you still reading this stuff? I can’t answer that. What I do know, is that this decade anniversary has made me all nostalgic, and had me reminiscing about the site’s humble origins.

For a good chunk of the mid noughties I had been sending regular group emails regaling friends and colleagues about my filthy adventures in London. These were often written through teary eyed hangovers while at my job, especially on days when I was too imbalanced to do actual office work.  Some people loved the juvenile tales, some were indifferent, others requested that I stopped sending these stories to their work email (using subject headers such as “Horse Nipples” didn’t help my case there). I decided to set up a webpage to keep everybody happy – those that wanted to read could log on, and those who weren’t interested (the decent folk) could steer clear.

Work on a website became underway on a geocities account, and I distinctly recall the title header looking something like this (though I honestly can’t remember why I wanted to call it this):


A couple of weeks and several html headaches later, I decided the whole affair was too much effort and was about to pack it in. Just when it looked like my blog was over before it even started, a beacon of hope by the name of blogspot.com shone it’s brilliant light into my eyes. Here was a free service that offered templates that did all of the hard work for you. Perfect for would be web-writers, and utterly crucial to lazy shitbags like me. The site was back on – ditching the mongrel name for the slightly less disgraceful “shoddy blog” in the process.

Here we are ten years and 300 posts later.

Looking back now, I find the commencement date more than a little peculiar. The main drive to start the blog was to chronicle the adventures on my two year London working holiday visa…and by the time I started the blog I was 23 months into it. The opening post was about a pub crawl that was my leaving party!

As fate would have it, I would nab a work permit and return to London for a further two and a half years (and a good chunk of shoddy articles too).

The blogspot account I am referring to is of course the the shoddy blog version 1, which holds the first seven years worth of material (280 of the 300 posts).

I went looking for a particular article on the old site this week, and was perplexed when keyword searches were providing nada. A bit of investigating revealed an annoying truth – the blogspot account is only showing 15 articles per month, which means if I topped that number (such as the May-hem events when I wrote a post for every day in May), then the earlier articles for that month would disappear. I’d say there are about 40 odd articles you can’t actually access. Some articles have been inaccessible for as long as eight years!

I also noticed that the old site is getting a heavy amount of attention from spambots (including a Chinese spammer that uses the names of New Kids on the Block singers as his site addresses!?), and one post got over 6,000 hits from Russia. Either I have an avid fan base in Saint Petersburg, or there is something shifty going on.

What I’m getting at, is that the old site is more trouble than it’s worth and it’s time to put it out to pasture.

You all know for a fact that I’m too self indulgent to just shut down the old site with no fan fare, so I’ve decided to create a Retrospective for each of the years the shoddy blog version one  has been online. During this process I’ll start shifting some of the posts over to this new site (backdating them to the original dates). Not all of the post mind you, I’ll be separating the wheat from the chaff. Ooh boy there’s a lot of chaff.

I’ll sprinkle these ruminations over the course of the next year(s), with the plan to shut down the old site once it is done.

Thanks for reading anyway, here’s to the next ten years.



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