Just a quick introduction to a new series of posts for 2016 (and yeah, I’m still working on the last batch I promised, but, whatevs). If you have spent a bit of time on the old shoddy blog (or have had the misfortune of conversing with me in real life for more than ten minutes), then you have probably realised that I’m a bit of a fiend for the cinema.

I am asked about  films on a regular basis, and if a movie has been out for more than a week, people just assume that I have seen it and ask my thoughts (I’m not kidding, some punters lost their shit when I took almost a month to see the new Star Wars). These days the most popular topic I get quizzed on is Superheroes.

You see, something has happened in cinema over the last few years – an influx of Superhero films that started as a drip feed, but is starting to look more like a fucking Tsunami. We were averaging three Superhero films a year for the first half of this decade. We’ll be averaging  six a year for the next half.

Times have changed since our youth when there were old  Superman films cycling on TV, and a new Batman film once every three years at the cinema – and that was pretty much it. This year we will be seeing our third incarnation of Spiderman in 14 years. Hugh Jackman will be making his eighth appearance as Wolverine, after the  time travelling actions in his seventh appearance wiped five of the first six films from continuity. It seems half the films this year feature Superheroes…fighting other Superheroes. You’re probably confused, and I can’t fucking blame you.

At this point I should point out a fact you may not be aware of, besides being a film geek, I have also been an avid comic book reader for a good portion of my life. Since 1984 in fact.  I’m not sure if I have mentioned my love of comic books on the shoddy blog ever, but it’s been a large part of my life.

Basically I grew up chest deep in VHS tapes and comic books. Not the most healthy ‘Huckleberry Finn’ of childhoods, but it has left me with a combination of skills we can rely on now. My new series of articles?


I’m not going to go excessively deep here, it’s going to be a light and colourful reference guide to whichever film is currently playing at the cinema. You wont be granted expert status by reading my pieces – so don’t strut into a quiz night at Comic-Con after perusing my stuff, because there will be a horde of fat dudes with beards and She-Hulk T-shirts waiting to laugh in your face. No, I’m going to paint some broad strokes for those who wish to be a little less bamboozled.




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