Jug Face

Deep in a Backwoods community, Ada is pregnant with her brother’s child, and her situation becomes much worse when she finds out that she is to be the next sacrifice to the creature living in the Community’s pit.

This is the kind of weird little film you’ll find a solitary copy on a Blockbuster DVD shelf, tucked away amongst a sea of Paranormal Activity and Insidious films. It’s far superior to any of those movies.




Blue Ruin

Dwight is having a rough trot, having spent a good chunk of his adult years homeless, due to the fact that he never got over the murder of his parents. When the killer is released from Prison, Dwight sets off on an ill-fated excursion of vengeance, spiralling his life into bloodshed and despair. If the extent of your revenge thriller knowledge consists of Liam Neeson flicks, you need to check out Blue Ruin.




The Guest

I have no idea what Downton Abbey is. Somebody once explained the premise to me, and I passed out in a pool of my own bile. So god only knows what part Dan Stevens plays on that show. I do, however, know the role he plays in The Guest – that of a mysterious former soldier who unexpectedly shows up at his dead friend’s family’s house, and soon causes havoc in their lives. It’s the most badass action performance of the year.




The Purge: Anarchy

The original Purge was a fascinating premise let down by numerous flaws in it’s execution. The sequel takes the action out of the household setting, and puts it out on the city streets as we follow a small hapless group stranded amongst the chaos of Purge night. The sequel also does what every good sequel should – improves on the errors of the film preceding it. The dialogue, pacing, and most notably the villains are all substantially better.




The Raid 2

The first Raid film was a breath of fresh air exhaled through broken teeth when it hit screens a few years ago, washing away years of Steadicam nonsense in the process. The sequel ramps the action up to ten, taking the original siege story and following it into a crime family saga spanning several years. The fight scenes are incredibly brutal, and the final kitchen based battle will have you reaching for the asprin.




John Wick

An action film directed by the Stunt Co-ordinators of the Matrix, which somehow dropped under almost everybody’s radar. A whole Gangster sub-universe has been created here, complete with it’s own lingo, rules, and even gold coin currency. Oh, and Keanu Reeves takes on an entire criminal empire because somebody killed his dog. Brilliant.






I know it’s hard to believe, but there are films coming out of New Zealand not involving Hobbits . Those Kiwis killed it this year in the Horror Comedy Genre, and this little gem revolving around (Haunted) House Arrest is the first of that ilk to make the list.






Under The Skin

Scarlett Johansson plays an alien in human skin, making her way across Scotland and luring men back to her lair to harvest their innards. Johansson’s eerie performance, coupled with the bleak isolation of the Scottish landscapes, make for an unsettling nightmarish experience.






Cheap Thrills

A comedy thriller with a sense of humour as dark as charcoal, Cheap Thrills spends an evening with two down and out friends, as they complete a series of harrowing dares for cash rewards – provided to them by a bored millionaire couple. Think Jackass by way of Funny Games.






Big Bad Wolves

Israeli black comedy horror centring on a suspected paedophile killer, and his kidnapping and torture by a rogue cop and Father of a missing girl. If you don’t like films with subtitles, give this a miss. For that matter, if you refuse to watch films with subtitles let me know so I can delete you from facebook – I’m getting a bit too long in the tooth to fraternise with fuckwits.


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