2014 was another fine year for cinema, with a tonne of worthwhile flicks hitting the screens.

Rather than wax lyrical on every film I saw that year, including the Blockbusters that don’t need me to go into bat for them (Come on, who didn’t love the Lego Movie?), I’m ranking my top 20 films I reckon you didn’t see.

A handful of these films racked up some acclaim (including a much deserved Oscar or two), but none of them exactly set the Box Office on fire. The biggest earner on my list barely scraped into the top 50 earners for 2014. Pretty much every film I list here can be considered at least a little to the left of normal.

You might have caught a few of these, but I highly doubt you’ve seen the entire list. First up though, the Honourable Mentions that didn’t quite crack the big time (Sidenote – I never got around to watching Birdman or Boyhood):

ABCs Of Death 2 – Another collection of Horror shorts, from 26 Directors from all around the world. Definitely worth checking out, but as a curiosity more than anything.

Almost Human – creepy alien abduction film taking the best parts of gory 80s Sci Fi.

Coherence – A dinner party is interrupted by a passing comet, that causes a blackout on their street. Only two houses retain their lights – theirs…and an identical house on the street housing exact replicas of everybody at the party. An intriguing Parallel Dimension thriller.

Predestination – Nobody gets off lightly with modern Time Travel films, and this story of a Temporal Detective agency will cause your brain to leak out your nose and slither for the door.

R100 – Though not my favourite film of the year, this is definitely my favourite premise: a shy father escapes the pressures of daily life by joining a mysterious S&M club, in which dominatrixes appear in his everyday life at random to beat and humiliate him. Can you top this for best promo still of the year:


Starry Eyes – A throwback to the grimy Body Horror films of the late 70s and early 80s, the kind that used to fuck my shit up as a child when I snuck a late night TV peep after my parents had gone to bed.

V/H/S Viral – the V/H/S trilogy concludes with a solid collection of short Horror stories. Parallel Monsters is one of the best Horror shorts of the last few years, but the rest of the film doesn’t quite reach that same level of quality.

And now for the actual list in ascending order. I gotta say, one of the biggest thrills of being a film buff is the pleasant surprises that pop up during the course of a year. No shit, I would have skipped most of these films on hearing the premises alone, but they came with reliable recommendations, and now I can recommend them to you. Click page 2 for Films ranked 20th to 11th.

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