March 2nd.

A day throughout history that has provided the world with monumental events. King Louis, Alex II and Ho Chi Minh were crowned on a March 2nd (or whatever the equivalent for getting crowned is when made President of Vietnam. A fancy hat made of Banh Mi perhaps.). Speaking of Kings, King Kong was released on this day in 1933.

March 2nd was when Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 goals in a single game.

Dr Seuss, Lou Reed and Method Man were born March 2nd. D.H. Lawrence and Winston Churchill died on the second day of March.

Second of March this year, three new elements were added to the periodic table. Also as of that same day?

eleven title

Yep, this site is now eleven years old. Which means if we were in Nigeria, legally you could make love to it. (wtf people).

I feel a bout of nostalgia is pertinent for a landmark occasion like this. Seeing how I already dribbled enough shit about the blog’s inception on the 10 year anniversary post, let’s revisit those other times I actually got off my ass and marked a milestone:

The 50th Post.
The 100th Post.
The 150th Post.
The 201st Post.
The 8th Birthday.

As for the future: maybe I’ll get around to doing all the shit I promised on the 10 year post (but probably not). I’ll leave you guys with this last tidbit: March 2nd is also Peasant’s Day in Burma, which seems like an apt coincidence, though I’m not a peasant (ooh yuck, no way!) most of my readers are.

God bless you filthy beggars.


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